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This free service assists all businesses in any industry to build their online presence. Start your online journey by completing a free assessment, once completed you will receive a customized roadmap guiding your business on boosting its online presence.  Our roadmap provides a priority list of tasks to complete and resources that will help you develop technological skills through your Account Portal and Resource Hub. The Navigation Team is here to assist you one-on-one with any problems you encounter along the way. The easiest way to build your online presence along the East Coast is with e-port!

How does it work?

a three step process will make your journey into the online world smooth and effortless

Sign up for free and start your online journey with a five minute assessment. This easy to complete survey will help the Navigation Team to build an individualized plan that will help your business join the digital wave.

Our website is here to provide your business with the tools to kick start your online journey. Once you sign up for e-port you will have access to all of the support necessary to joining the digital wave through your Account Portal. You can also visit the Resource Hub without having an account to see Provincial funding programs, upcoming workshops, and industry cases.

The Navigation Team is a support group that can guide you and provide one-on-one assistance. The Navigation Team is here to ensure your small business succeeds and breaks boundaries by reaching its online potential.

Why Go Online?

building an online presence allows you to reach new customers and grow your market

Building an online presence opens up endless possibilities for your business. Breaking down boundaries is key to competing in a global economy and is the best way for your small business to thrive in this new world. From building a website, to reaching new customers over social media, and hosting operations through an e-commerce platform, it allows businesses to continuously operate, even in the face of global events like COVID-19.

Who is behind e-port?

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Going Somewhere?

We are here to guide you, our Navigation Team will respond to any questions in less than 24 hours.

e-port is for any business in Atlantic Canada

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