Connecting service providers with businesses

If you are a consultant you can join our list of service providers and be connected with those who are starting their online journey. We will connect you with businesses who need your help and share applicable funding programs that will make the connection strong. Apply below to work with local businesses and help them join the digital wave.

How does the harbour work?

only three simple steps to start connecting with businesses needing expert help

It only takes two minutes to complete the form which gives us the details we need to start connecting you. Apply by clicking HERE.

When an e-port client has a need for your expert help we will make them aware your services and the applicableĀ  funding programs to help.

When an e-port user is ready we initiate the connection. We will check in once in a while to make sure the connection is strong.

Going Somewhere?

We are here to guide you, our Navigation Team will respond to any questions in less than 24 hours.